Luxembourg country of honour at Révélations, Paris, 23- 26 May 2019



Luxembourg is the guest of honour at the fourth edition of the Biennial. Under the high patronage of Prince Guillaume and Princess Stephanie, Luxembourg will create a unique event at the Grand Palais, witnessing the richness and energy that characterize the creative vitality of the Luxemburgish know-how.

Already present on the Banquet in 2017, the Grand Duchy places its creation at the centre of this fourth edition of RÉVÉLATIONS: "In 2019, we want to draw the light on even more talents, know-how, surprises" explains the prince Guillaume. "Being selected by the committee is both a mark of trust and a huge honour. It is also a great challenge: to present in the most beautiful way possible all our expertise, an illustration of our rich historical and cultural heritage. "

This strong ambition is concretized this spring under the Nave of the Grand Palais by the association "De Mains De Maîtres Luxembourg". Created in May 2017, particularly with the aim of exporting crafts and local craftsmanship, the association is a real engine for the preservation and development of Luxembourg's art professions, both in the heart of Grand Duchy, beyond borders, in Europe, and internationally.

To stop his selection, Jean-Marc Dimanche, the Curator of the Luxembourg Pavilion, has privileged "the beauty of the gesture, of the material, of the know-how to amaze the public. Our exhibition will be part of this celebration, through a return to fundamentals" he warns.

The Pavilion will expose unpublished works by some fifteen of the most talented creators in the country. A great opportunity to celebrate wood, one of the main raw materials of the Grand Duchy, recognized for the extent of its forests, but also the ceramic that remains strongly anchored in the national art of living.

© Cour grand-ducale / Henri Tullio

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