The Luxembourgish Fine Contemporary Craft in Brussels
The Luxembourgish Fine Contemporary Craft in Brussels

The Luxembourgish Fine Contemporary Craft in Brussels

"De Mains De Maîtres" exhibited for the first time in Brussels in autumn 2017 following the exhibition held in December 2016 in the heart of Luxembourg and after an exceptional session in Paris during the biennial REVELATIONS at the Grand-Palais, in May 2017.

Some fifteen Luxembourgish creators and craftsmen had the opportunity to present their latest works in a double exhibition, under the auspices of Their Royal Highnesses Prince Guillaume and Princess Stéphanie who decided to continue their action in favor of the Luxembourgish crafts and creation beyond the borders of the country.

The exhibition took place in two stages and on two sites, as a real journey through contemporary creation.

A first session was inaugurated on Thursday November 23, on the occasion of the “Nocturnes du Sablon”, hosted by the Lin Delletaille Gallery in the heart of the historic district of Brussels, which brought together Luxembourgish and Belgian artists around the finest materials and best know-hows.

A second session, inaugurated on Thursday December 7 in the salons of the Luxembourg Embassy in Brussels, unveiled a collection of exceptional pieces of larger formats. Ceramics, bronzes, jewels and silverware, works of glass, sculptures of paper, cardboard, stone and wood, works in felt and feathers illustrated a meeting of rare and precious talents that work to ennoble everyday our beautiful Art de Vivre.

The selection of artists and works was done by Jean-Marc Dimanche, curator of the exhibition, in collaboration with Lin Delletaille.


Artists :

  • Doris Becker
  • Isabelle de Borchgrave
  • Christopher Coppers
  • Tom Flick
  • Yvettes Gastauer
  • Anne-Claude Jeitz et Alain Calliste
  • Ezri Kahn
  • Tine Krumhorn
  • Carine Mertes
  • Claude Schmitz
  • Pascale Seil
  • Carole Solvay
  • Marianne Steinmetzer
  • Paula Swinnen
  • Kim-Jung Vu
  • Wouter van der Vlugt
  • Ellen van der Woude

Curator :

  • Jean-Marc Dimanche
The Luxembourgish Fine Contemporary Craft in Brussels

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