• Feyrouz Ashura

    Feyrouz Ashura

    Feyrouz Ashoura, born in Luxembourg, graduates as first of her dressmaker promotion at the prestigious Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Techniques ...

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  • Christian Astuguevieille

    Christian Astuguevieille

    Christian Astuguevieille is a French artist, born in Paris where he lives and works. From his beginnings in the 1970’s, he keeps exploring new ...

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  • Rol Backendorf

    Rol Backendorf

      Rol Backendorf, born in 1961 in Pétange, obtained his CAPT in iron-turner at the ARBED in 1979 and worked at CFL. In 1988, he sets up his ...

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  • Stine Bülow

    Stine Bülow

    Stine Bülow, born in Copenhagen in Denmark in 1975 finishes her training in Goldsmith in 2000. She works during one year by George Jensen and ...

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  • Stephan Bechet

    Stephan Bechet

      Stephan Bechet, born in the 80‘s in Freiburg in Germany, lives in Luxembourg since 30 years. Holding a Diploma in natural studies with a ...

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  • Doris Becker

    Doris Becker

    Doris Becker, born in Luxembourg, lives and works in Fischbach (LU).She pursued studies in several schools and academies in Luxembourg, Belgium ...

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  • Lex Besenius

    Lex Besenius

      Lex Besenius, born in Luxembourg in 1976, represents the 7th generation of blacksmiths in the Besenius family, known for her engagement in ...

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