"The Gesture and the Territory" - 23-26 November - 10-18:30 (Free entrance) - Nocturne until 9pm on Thursday 23 November


The theme chosen by the exhibition curator, Jean-Marc Dimanche, for the fourth edition of the "Biennale De Mains De Maîtres" is "The Gesture and the Territory." The exhibition, which will take place from November 23 to 26, 2023, at 19Liberté, brings together 77 artists from Luxembourg and around 40 from Portugal, the guest of honor.

In an increasingly open world where uniformity seems to prevail, this theme takes on special significance. Especially in a country like Luxembourg, nestled in the heart of Europe, where the question of cultural identity is of crucial importance.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg stands out due to its central geographical position, serving as both a transit territory and a long-standing haven for diverse populations. In 2022, the country was home to no fewer than 170 different nationalities, a diversity that is clearly reflected in the crafts practiced today. These crafts, which bear witness to ethnic and cultural diversity, continue to evolve by constantly questioning and reexamining artisanal processes.

The theme "The Gesture and the Territory" invites us to celebrate artisanal and intellectual creativity while prompting creators and artisans to explore the concept of artistic identity and cultural heritage, intimately linked to the history of the Grand Duchy. How are ancestral skills transmitted? How do these skills evolve with the arrival and contribution of artisans from other horizons? To what extent can cultural porosity over time influence and reshape the very style of local craftsmanship?

It is also time to address crucial environmental questions, especially concerning resources and technologies employed. The "Biennale De Mains De Maîtres" invites you to share and explore this renewed vitality of knowledge and practices beyond the usual cultural boundaries. By emphasizing this idea, it highlights that artistic creation, through its pursuit of beauty, can also promote a deep respect for our planet, while having the power to unite human communities and guide them towards a more promising and sustainable future.

The 2023 edition will pay tribute to Portugal, whose nationals constitute the largest foreign community in Luxembourg. This unique opportunity will allow you to discover the artisans of this territory, which is both close due to the bonds that unite us and distant due to its position at the western end of the Iberian Peninsula. It's a wonderful opportunity to share, dream, and travel because, fortunately, creativity knows no borders!


"The Gesture and the Territory" - 23-26 November - 10-18:30 (Free entrance) - Nocturne until 9pm on Thursday 23 November


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