• Fanny Bollig

    Fanny Bollig

    Fanny Bollig, born in Luxembourg in 1986, follows a traditional apprenticeship in Goldsmith and completes her training at the Design Academy of ...

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  • Norbert Brakonier

    Norbert Brakonier

    Norbert Brakonier, born in 1966 in Birresborn in Germany, follows a business education specialised in music, a field where he works up to his 28 ...

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  • Lucie Cahu

    Lucie Cahu

    Lucie Jullian Cahu starts her career as graphic designer in Paris after graduating form the Ecole Estienne in 2008. She first works in ...

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  • Imprimerie Centrale

    Imprimerie Centrale

    Native from Grevenmacher (Moselle) and created in 1961, the Imprimerie Centrale settles in the neighbourhood of Hollerich Station in Luxembourg ...

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  • Romy Collé

    Romy Collé

      Romy Collé has been master goldsmith since 2004.Born in Luxembourg, she puts a lot of importance on technical perfection and modern design ...

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  • Frank Daro

    Frank Daro

    Frank Daro, born in 1962, studies in Luxembourg and follows at EPFZ, and makes a career as civil engineer. Simultaneously, he practices his love ...

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  • Lilian Daubisse

    Lilian Daubisse

    Lilian Daubisse lives and works in Lille (France). Like objects of curiosity, his pieces move us in their poetry and enigmatic beauty. They ...

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  • Isabelle de Borchgrave

    Isabelle de Borchgrave

    After the retrospective of her paper costumes at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco in 2011, Isabelle de Borchgrave decides to return to ...

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