• Pitt Brandenburger

    Pitt Brandenburger

    Pitt Brandenburger was born in 1961 in Esch/Alzette. From an early age, he was fascinated by nature. This attraction was nurtured by long walks ...

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  • Bremin Jeanette

    Bremin Jeanette

    Jeanette Bremin, born in Sweden in 1962, have been living in Luxembourg for 30 years and works there as an independent artist. She studied Art, ...

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  • Lucie Cahu

    Lucie Cahu

    Lucie Jullian Cahu starts her career as graphic designer in Paris after graduating form the Ecole Estienne in 2008. She first works in ...

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  • Marie-Isabelle Callier

    Marie-Isabelle Callier

    After a Degree in Illustration at St-Luc in Brussels in 1991, Marie-Isabelle Callier worked for 12 years as graphic designer and advertising ...

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  • Flavia Carbonetti

    Flavia Carbonetti

    After pursuing her dream of studying couture and fashion in Florence (Polimoda International Institute), Flavia Carbonetti started working as an ...

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  • Sébastien Carré

    Sébastien Carré

    Sébastien Carré is a French contemporary jewellery artist who lives and works in Strasbourg. After obtaining his higher diploma in plastic ...

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  • Imprimerie Centrale

    Imprimerie Centrale

    Native from Grevenmacher (Moselle) and created in 1961, the Imprimerie Centrale settles in the neighbourhood of Hollerich Station in Luxembourg ...

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  • Andrei Clontea

    Andrei Clontea

    Andrei Clontea, born in Bucharest in 1984, is a Luxembourg-Romanian ceramic artist. After graduating in architecture in 2012 and practising this ...

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